Imagine a super-smart Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant-like app or device that actually remembers what you told it previously; can hold lengthy conversations; can interact with other assistants, devices, and apps; and that can learn new facts, preferences and skills via English conversation.

Now imagine that this assistant isn’t just available in one domain, but can assist you using complex software, allow you to control and monitor your home, car, and other devices, in addition to handling a wide range of personal and business requests.

Finally, imagine that this personal AI not only gets smarter as it learns from you, but also as it interacts with other people (and AIs) in your network. Furthermore, it constantly acquires new knowledge, skills, and capabilities via ongoing development.

Just one assistant—aligned with your personal preferences, values, and habits that becomes increasingly more knowledgeable and capable.

Something more like ‘Her’ and less like ‘Dory’ (or Siri, Alexa, etc.)


The core of our platform is our intelligence engine, which is firmly based on AGI principles and is an implementation of the Third Wave of AI

The engine has benefited from more than 100 man-years of development. An earlier version has already been successfully implemented and commercialized in call centers, currently handling millions of calls per month.

Over the past several years we’ve expanded our AGI engine to create a personal personal assistant (PPA) called ‘Aigo’. Aigo is the foundation for implementing a true ’ExoCortex’, an everyday, interactive, cognitive extension of ourselves.

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