Chatbots based on ML/DL technologies do not have any cognition; this severely limits their applications.

Aigo Application Universe: Segments

Market demand for Intelligent Cognitive Assistant is massive, covering all segments

Enterprises can now offer an effective, highly intelligent, hyper-personalized Digital Concierge to their customers. 

Aigo is domain agnostic. Here are some of our B2B and B2B2C use cases:

Aigo as a Hyper-Personalized –

  • Sales Assistant for CRM

  • Co-Pilot for Enterprise Software App

  • eCommerce Assistant for Consumer

  • Diabetes Coach for Patients

  • Banking Assistant for Consumer

  • VR Assistant for the Enterprise

  • Helpdesk Assistant for the Enterprise

  • Field Service Assistant for the Enterprise

  • In-Car Assistant for Automotive

  • Entertainment Assistant for the Consumer


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