Aigo is fundamentally different than existing personal assistant and chatbot technology. Hailing the ‘Third Wave’ of AI, Aigo is built with a ‘cognitive architecture’ similar to the human brain. This means, not only that Aigo is much more intelligent , but also that Aigo doesn’t need large amounts of expensive, labelled training data. Where past AI technology required vast data and programming, Aigo understands natural language cognition learning unsupervised, instantaneously.
The ‘Third Wave of AI’ is designed to achieve true intelligence using ‘cognitive architecture’. The third wave implements short- and long-term memory, context, goals, focus, real-time learning of knowledge and skills, and meta-cognition. It is an improvement on the first and second waves of AI.The ‘First Wave’ refers to standard programming approaches such as rule systems and formal logic, while the ‘Second Wave’ encompasses the great strides made in machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) since about 2010.
Cognitive architecture is a “…hypothesis about the fixed structures that provide a mind… and how they work together – in conjunction with knowledge and skills embodied within the architecture – to yield intelligent behavior in a diversity of complex environments.”
Aigo is quite different than both Alexa and Watson. Compared to Alexa, Aigo is a more intelligent and sophisticated assistant and learns as you interact with it. Unlike Watson, which is based on machine learning and analytical software, requiring over 200 million pages worth of expensive data, Aigo has general intelligence allowing it to learn unassisted by labelled training data.
Aigo.ai Inc. was founded in 2017 by Peter and Srini. Aigo.ai represents the commercialization of the second generation AI technology built at AGI Innovations Inc., Peter’s R&D company.
Yes. Aigo is built on revolutionary ‘Third Wave’ AI technology that has previously been successfully implemented in commercial call centers. Aigo technology is the second generation prototype and is ready to implement commercially following the crowdsale.
The second generation prototype of Aigo is currently operational. In the third quarter of 2018, the beta release of Aigo will be available to limited users.
Aigo will have endless application in your personal life and in enterprise. For you, besides acting as your PPA, Aigo can allow you to control your IoT devices.
Every Aigo comes with a core set of APIs and knowledge that allow for self-learning through natural language communication. Additionally, the Aigo platform is continuously being improved by the Aigo developers. As updates are made they will become available to the Aigo community through the AigoStore. Professional skills and knowledge will be built by the team and can be purchased in the AigoStore as well.