An entrepreneur in electronics, software systems, AI, and management, who has for the past 20 years been dedicated to advancing Artificial General Intelligence.

CEO & Chief Scientist

Peter Voss


Rob’s experience in management, product development, and QA complement his abilities to lead teams in highly demanding environments and to keep Aigo’s brain from getting any wires crossed.

Team Lead

Robert Lucy

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A successful board member, director and advisor for multiple private and public technology companies for over 20 years helping entrepreneurs and senior executives achieve desired outcomes.

Board Advisor

Bharat Gupte


Zero to Eight Figures Revenue in 3 Years with Fortune 500 Customers, 20+ years of working with Fortune 500 C-Suite, Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Author 'Growth Confidential'.

Co-Founder, Chief Value Officer

Srini Pagidyala


Louise Gold is a CPA with financial expertise in tech start-ups and personal interest in innovative tech services.

Chief Financial Officer

Louise Gold, CPA


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