Aigo was founded with an indomitable spirit and a bold vision: 


to provide increasingly intelligent and hyper-personalized Chatbots for everyone to radically improve productivity, engagement, well-being and the overall quality of life. 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is no different.


Over the last decade, approximately 3000 Chatbots (Conversational AI Systems/ Digital Assistants) are introduced and billions are spent yet, Chatbots continue to remain dumb and ineffective to get things done. Why?

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The secret lies in our brain. It is our brain that gives us the fundamental Cognitive Skills that are essential to have ongoing meaningful conversations. Cognitive skills such as understanding, learning interactively, remembering what someone said, reasoning, disambiguating and personalizing are crucial for having conversations. And none of these 3000 Chatbots have a Brain, so they are inadequate by design to have meaningful conversations.

Moreover, current Chatbots (Conversational AI Systems/ Digital Assistants) use machine learning/ deep learning (ML/DL) technology, while this technology is extremely powerful for many applications, it is quite unsuitable for solving intelligent natural language interaction. Experts agree (picture below) that a fundamentally different technology from ML/DL is needed to create a Brain with human-like cognition.

Like humans, Chatbots also need a Brain that gives them the fundamental Cognitive Skills to have ongoing meaningful conversations.

Peter Voss, the creator of Aigo, a Pioneer & a Visionary in AI, realized the criticality of the missing Brain in 2001 and coined the term ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI) to create an intelligent system that can think, reason and learn like a human after several years of studying epistemology, cognitive psychology, AI, hardware and software development.

A serial technology entrepreneur, Peter has been working with a team of AI Psychologists for more than 15 years developing, commercializing, and perfecting the world’s first 'Chatbot with a Brain', Aigo technology. 

The first generation of this technology has been successfully commercialized in the IVR space in 2008 through SmartAction


The second generation of Aigo technology is now being aggressively commercialized as team Aigo is on a mission to help large enterprises deliver hyper-personalized conversational experiences with Chatbots for their customers and employees.

Limitations of (ML/ DL) Second Wave: Experts Agree…


“My view is to throw it all away and start again!“


“The future depends on some graduate student who is deeply suspicious of everything I've said”

– Sept 2017

Geoffrey Hinton

Godfather of Deep Learning


"Deep learning is an amazing technology… but definitely not enough to solve AI.. 

Not by a long shot“

– Sept 2018

Demis Hassabis

Founder/ CEO of Google DeepMind


“Siri, Alexa, and similar technologies are incredibly stupid when it comes to understanding language. AI research needs to build on ideas from developmental psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience, and AI models ought to reflect what is already known about how humans learn and understand the world.”

– Mar 2019

Boris Katz

Inventor of Virtual Assistants