Aigo’s Integrated Cognitive Architecture or Brain - Allows it to have Human-like Cognition


Aigo is built on a human mind-like integrated cognitive architecture. This is radically different from the DL/ ML based statistical approaches followed by current chatbots and it is this Brain that puts Aigo ‘Light Years’ ahead of them.

Aigo’s human-like cognition allows it to:

  • Remember what was said and utilize this in future conversations

  • Understand context and complex sentences

  • Use Reasoning to disambiguate and answer questions

  • Learn new facts and skills interactively, in real time

  • Have ongoing, meaningful conversations

  • Hyper-personalize experiences based on user’s history, preferences and goals

Aigo is the most advanced Natural Language Interaction platform.

Aigo is multi-modal – Talk, Text, or Touch.

Aigo increases the stickiness, loyalty, and user adoption by creating engaging customer experiences.

Aigo’s Brain scales from 10 users to 100 million users