We help Enterprises deliver 

Hyper-Personalized Conversational Experiences with Chatbots

for their Customers and Employees.

We believe that Growth comes from delivering Engaging Experiences for your customers and employees.

Engaging Experiences with Chatbots start by having Meaningful Conversations.


And Meaningful Conversations require Cognitive Skills of a Brain (skills like understanding, learning, reasoning, adapting, remembering and disambiguating).

But current Chatbots do not have a Brain, so with no Cognitive Skills they cannot have Meaningful Conversations.


Hence, Chatbots without a Brain create bad experiences leaving your customers and employees frustrated, ultimately stifling the growth of your company,

Not anymore.

Aigo: The Chatbot with a Brain - Delivers Hyper-Personalized Conversational Experiences @Scale.

Your customers and employees deserve Engaging Experiences. 


You, the Growth and the ROI.

Why is Aigo different?

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) approaches continue to prove that they are inadequate to solve the problem of Intelligent Natural Language Interaction. 


Aigo uses ‘Evidence-based Hypothesis’, a radically different approach with no Machine Learning (ML) and no Deep Learning (DL) to solve the problem of Intelligent Natural Language Interaction.

Aigo is built on a human mind-like Integrated Cognitive Architecture that puts Aigo ‘Light Years’ ahead of other chatbots, as explained by DARPA

How is Aigo different?


Aigo has built-in Cognitive Skills because of it’s Brain:

  1. Memory – ability to remember what user said prior and use it contextually in all future conversations.

  2. Learning - new information interactively

  3. Understanding - context and complex sentences

  4. Reasoning - ability to reason

  5. Managing - ongoing conversation

  6. Adapt & Personalize – based on individual user’s history, current context, and goals.

Aigo is hardware agnostic, domain agnostic, and industry agnostic.  

Aigo’s brain can easily scale from 100 users to 100 million users. 


How do enterprise customers benefit from Aigo?

  1. Deflect Calls from Call Center

  2. Empower Customers with intuitive and interactive self-service

  3. Transform Customer Experience (CX)

  4. Increase Customer Lifetime Value (LV)

  5. Transition Customers to Brand Evangelists

Aigo can be used internally for Employee Experience, Productivity, Engagement & Well-being.

Aigo is hosted Behind your Firewall. You own the data and the security.

Aigo interacts effectively knowing the 360° View of the Customer.

Aigo becomes your spokesperson delivering personalized experiences for your customers and your employees, anywhere, any time on any device.

Aigo can be white labeled to reflect your brand.